Strong is smart: pin-to-pin load monitoring hits 10 tonnes!

Whether your goals are confident cruising or optimised performance, the more you understand about your yacht, the more you can achieve. An intimate knowledge of your rig based on live load data allows you to truly excel–getting the most out of your equipment, performing at your best, and safely enjoying your yacht to the full. Thanks to easy-to-use wireless load sensors, sailing has never been simpler, smarter or safer.

Fresh from the launch of smartlink 5t ee, Cyclops Marine is bringing these benefits to even more sailors by catering for larger yachts and higher working loads. 

smartlink 10t ee is the third in the ee range – which also includes 2t ee and 5t ee – all three offering secure “eye-to-eye” (ee) or pin-to-pin load sensing. This means the sensors can be directly fitted into ram forks without the need for additional strops, delivering secure, reliable, and incredibly accurate load sensing (to within 1% of maximum working load).

Ultimate Versatility 

The existing ee sensors are already being used by everyone from the classic classes (where they’re popular on forestays) to IMOCA race teams (common on outriggers). The new sensor promises to widen that range even further.

Ideal for countless standing and running rigging applications, whether performance-critical or essential for safety, it integrates seamlessly with backstays, vangs, jib tacks, main clews, shrouds, Ds, Vs, forestays, inner stays, and furlers (to name a few). 

It is also perfectly suited for hydraulic struts—ensuring applied loads stay safely within limits. While the rise of button-operated hydraulic rams has boosted convenience, it has also led to increased potential for overload. In the past, sailors would estimate load by the effort required to pump; now, with a simple button press on hydraulic backstays, massive loads can be generated, often unknowingly.

Seamless Connectivity and Data Management

Wirelessly connecting to your smartphone and onboard instruments, the sensor provides live feedback via Cyclops’ intuitive app and through onboard displays. Keeping you in full control, it also offers adjustable data frequency–providing whatever level of detail you require. 

Data is viewable both as raw numbers, and as a simple warning dial in green, amber and red for safety applications.

For instance, when operating your hydraulic ram, simply push the button and watch the loads increase on-screen, or monitor the warning dial to ensure it never enters the red zone.

All data is also logged in the Cyclops app for later viewing and post-sail analysis. 

Levelling Up

With a maximum working load of 10t, like the previous 5t model, the new device serves the 45-65 ft range, while also opening it up to yachts of 70 ft and above. With loads in this larger segment reaching very high levels, and safety concerns escalating in parallel, the new innovation responds to a major industry need. Cyclops’ smartlink range for soft rigging already reaches up to 20t max working load, but bringing big boat sensors to eye-eye fittings will empower captains and crew members with a new level of all around safety.

Robust Design Meets Precision Accuracy

With its trusted pin-to-pin installation method, the 10t ee guarantees robust, secure integration. The sensor’s titanium body provides an incredible strength-to-weight ratio, making it a powerhouse of durability and efficiency.

Known for designing sensors fit for the rigours of transoceanic racing (like the ARKEA Ultim Challenge and Vendee Globe) Cyclops has delivered the new model with 4:1 factor of safety, meaning its breaking load is four times its maximum working load of 10t – yes, it breaks at over 40 tonnes! Amazingly, all of this durable functionality comes from a sensor which weighs just 710g! It also adheres to the high industrial standards of ASME B30.26

smartlink 10t ee is empowering sailors with the knowledge to sail faster and safer, with greater efficiency.

The 10t ee is available now here. If you’re not sure if this is the right sensor for you, get in touch with the experts at Cyclops for a consultation.

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