Load management for superyachts and race boats is increasingly at the frontier of yacht development:

But accurate measurement of loads in sailing conditions, and management of the volumes of data generated, is challenging with today’s equipment.

Professionals interviewed across the entire industry are looking for new systems that can provide them with greater accuracy and more accessible information:

There is demand for an integrated load measurement and analytics system to provide insight into the design, structure and sailing of these yachts.

That is Cyclops - the technology and the company.

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Cyclops - the technology

The Cyclops Integrated Load Management and Analytics (ILMA) System is built on three layers of technology:

Load measurement

Innovative, precision-engineered sensors to ensure accuracy.

Purpose designed, with sealed calibration to measure key loads with absolute confidence.

IT integration

Robust modular IT, reporting and analysing in real time.

Modular connection of load sensors and instrument systems for live data and app-based monitoring.


Power to extract the information you need most.

Understand loads on the yacht in different sailing conditions to make accurate, informed decisions.

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Cyclops - the company

Cyclops Marine is unique, bringing together professional engineers and sailors to develop products and systems that deliver the information that teams need to build, sail and maintain the sophisticated, inter-dependent structures of a modern yacht’s rig, foils and sails.

We run an active development team, continuously innovating sensors, software and analytics to deliver accurate and simple solutions that work in the harsh sailing environment. Through our partnership with Purrmetrix, we can exploit their award winning wireless sensing technology, used in smart buildings around the world. This enables us to provide yachts with:

Based in Cambridge UK, we are closely linked to a network of researchers and businesses that gives us early access to new ideas and technologies.

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Who we are

Vincent Geake

With decades of experience in sailing and technology, Vincent has worked with ETNZ and BAR America's Cup teams, as well as navigating successful yachts in a string of Admiral's Cups, Sydney-Hobart’s and Whitbread’s. Specialising in trusted information systems, he is the former Chief Information Officer for the UK Home Office.

Edward Colby PhD, MA Cantab, CENG, FIET

A lifelong sailor and business polymath, Ed is the founder of a string of successful wireless and sensor technology companies including our partners, Purrmetrix. He brings a proven track record for multi-disciplinary innovation to Cyclops Marine.


Fast-moving and innovative, our team of mechanical and software engineers, developers, and data specialists redefine the limits of professional load management.


We are actively recruiting engineers and data specialists to work in our development team in Cambridge, and with clients around the sailing world. If you’ve got something to add to our mix, then please get in touch.

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