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Based in Farnborough UK, our smart fittings integrate innovative design and proven technologies to give accurate, repeatable load data. Compact and lightweight, smart fittings are simple to install and use.

Rig Performance

Loads in the standing rigging directly control the shape of the mast, headstays and furler cables, affecting the shapes of mainsails, headsails and free-flying sails. For example, headstay load controls headstay sag, which determines the aerofoil section of jibs and genoas – adjusting the load through the backstay can give you the best sail shape for different wind conditions.

Smart fittings measure these loads accurately, allowing you to find your fast settings, and repeat them time after time to get consistently better performance.

Rig Protection

Grand Prix yachts and superyachts operate under high rig loads. It is important to control these loads in real-time to ensure the rig is properly supported and not overloaded, and to monitor the loads over time to avoid wear and fatigue and ensure appropriate maintenance.

Smart fittings can automate load management, instantly controlling winch and hydraulic systems to reduce overload before damage occurs. For example, smart management of vang and mainsheet loads can avoid damage to the boom.


Rig Monitoring Systems

Integrated systems to help sail and manage superyachts safely and efficiently

Smart Fittings

Reliable, easy to install load sensors to provide accurate data where it’s needed


The plug-in performance upgrade for race yachts of all sizes

The Key Advantages of Smart Fittings