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Remember your best race?

Everything clicked. You were in a different gear.

The boat was in the groove, pointing higher, going faster than the competition.

Load sensors from Cyclops Marine, designed with the minds at Cambridge University and INEOS TEAM UK allow you to find that gear again and again in all conditions, maximise speed and protect your rig – taking the guesswork out of high performance.

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Dylan Fletcher

Men’s 49er Olympic Champion

“With the new rig configuration it is vital we use the latest technology to get up to speed, having your live load settings on screen is a game changer.”

Andrew Mclean

Team Leader Systems Engineering INEOS Team UK

“At INEOS TEAM UK, we consider Cyclops Marine our ‘go-to’ experts when it comes to wireless load sensors. Forging a close relationship with our suppliers is one of our core values, especially when that company manufactures in the UK.”

Eddie Warden-Owen

Former Sailmaker and America’s Cup Coach

“Forestay sag is measured by forestay load, and controlled by rig and backstays. Accurate knowledge of forestay sag enables you to repeatedly adjust this to give the optimum sail shape for best performance throughout the race”

Hannah Diamond

Ocean Race Competitor & Olympic Campaigner

“Installing smarttune is as simple as taking turns off a turn screw to adjust the mast rake – this is definitely a system anyone can install on their boat.”

Tony Mack

Owner of J111 “McFly”, Winner of the JCup 2020

“With our J111 one design class (or any similar OD) the margins are very close, ANYTHING that can help us go a little faster can be invaluable… we can quickly see that smartlink is an essential product that will provide us with the next competitive edge.”

Stu Bannatyne

Four-Time Winner of the Volvo Ocean Race

“Matching forestay tension to the wind and sails is key to upwind performance”

Crew of Sphinx

Classic German 12M Yacht, built 1939

“smartlink has caused great amazement! We knew the backstays are the gas pedal of 12 m yachts, but never had the value… We were able to repeat our trim again and again… the load sensors have given us so much information about Sphinx we can use to get faster.”

Wireless Load Sensors

The strongest, most compact, versatile load sensors.

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Grand Prix load sensing technology for standing rigging.

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smartlink ee

Designed for the pin to pin fixings of the competitive dayboat classes

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The Latest Wireless Technology To Optimize Your North Helix Sail

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Highly Accurate Load Sensing for Non-Structural Furlers.

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The New Standard in Sail Shape Control

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When paired with the Cyclops Gateway our devices display on most modern marine electronics.

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Free smartfittings app

Free on iOS and Android, displays live load data, logs data with GPS for analysis & can read data via headphones.

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Load Pins

Cyclops Marine’s load sensing technology integrated into precision designed Load Pins.

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Custom Solutions

Custom integrated load-sensing projects for yachts & equipment manufacturers with specific requirements.

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