Do you and your rig loads see eye-to-eye?

When it comes to sailing, knowledge is power. A keen feel for the boat gained from experience is invaluable, but an intimate knowledge of your rig based on live data allows you to truly excel–getting the most out of your equipment, performing at your best, and safely enjoying your yacht to the full. 

Wireless load sensing has changed the sailing experience – allowing you to monitor loads effortlessly via onboard displays and mobile apps – enabling racers to consistently hit their fastest settings and cruisers to sail with peace of mind, within loading limits. Sailing has never been simpler, smarter or safer.

Leader in this rapidly growing area, Cyclops Marine is broadening its range to support sailing’s broad landscape of classes, models and sailing objectives. Their latest innovation caters to many of these in one fell swoop.

smartlink 5t ee is the second in the ee range – which now includes 2t ee and 5t ee – both offering secure “eye-to-eye” (ee) or pin-to-pin load sensing. This means the sensors can be directly fitted into ram forks without the need for additional strops, delivering secure, reliable, and incredibly accurate load sensing (to within 1% of maximum working load).

Ideal for a variety of applications, including backstay rams, forestay tacks, bobstays and more, the key evolution from the 2t ee to the 5t ee is increased working load (up to 5 tonnes) and applicable pin size (19mm), bringing the solution to 40 to 65 ft+ yachts, where loads begin to reach significant levels.

Full technical spec available here.

In the interests of performance or safety, depending on the sailor’s preference, the sensors’ wireless data output can be viewed via boat displays as raw numbers, or (with some instrumentation brands) as a warning dial with simple red, amber, green indicators. It can also be displayed via the Cyclops app. 

Cyclops has designed the 5t ee with modern sailing challenges in mind, especially as a solution for hydraulic rams. In the past, sailors would estimate load by the effort required to pump; now, with a simple button press on hydraulic backstays, massive loads can be generated, often unknowingly.

The ee provides live feedback–particularly valuable for systems controlled by push-button. Just push the button and watch the loads increase on-screen, or monitor the warning dial to ensure it never enters the red zone.

From cutting edge designs to timeless classics, the ee is incredibly versatile. Fleet leaders in the classic classes are already employing the ee on forestays, and IMOCA race teams are using them on outriggers. In fact, the ee can be used anywhere between two pieces of wire, from forks and toggles, to bobstays, forestays, or vangs.

It is compatible with 19mm pins found in ram forks from major brands including Harken, Selden, Bamar, Cariboni, Sailtec, Navtec, OMS, Reckmann, and others (its smaller counterpart, the 2t ee, fits 8mm – 12mm pins). Cyclops can also supply compatible shackles to aid attachment, if necessary.

Designing sensors fit for the rigours of transoceanic racing (like the ARKEA Ultim Challenge and Vendee Globe) Cyclops has delivered the new ee with 4:1 factor of safety, meaning its breaking load is four times its maximum working load of 5t. It also adheres to the high industrial standards of ASME B30.26, yet weighs in at just 390g. 

The next step forward in smart sailing, smartlink 5t ee is empowering sailors with the knowledge to sail faster, safer, and with greater efficiency. The 5t ee is available now here. If you’re not sure if this is the right sensor for you, get in touch with the experts at Cyclops for a consultation.

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