Developed in partnership with INEOS TEAM UK.

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The Smallest, Lightest Load-Sensors.

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Added in-line of any soft stay or sheet.

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Precision designed.

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With astonishing working loads.

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Endless Potential Applications

smartlink devices are the smallest, lightest, strongest, most versatile load sensors for your boat.

Easily added in-line of any ‘soft’ stay or sheet, from mainsheets, to code sail tack lines, to backstays and runners. 

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Live Data To Your Phone Or Instruments

Static & dynamic load data to your phone via the smartfittings app, or to your on-board instruments via our gateway.

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Tony Mack

Owner of McFly, Winner of the JCup 2020

“With our J111 one design class (or any similar OD) the margins are very close, ANYTHING that can help us go a little faster can be invaluable… we can quickly see that smartlink is an essential product that will provide us with the next competitive edge.”

Crew of Sphinx

Classic German 12M Yacht, built 1939

“smartlink has caused great amazement! We knew the backstays are the gas pedal of 12 m yachts, but never had the value… We were able to repeat our trim again and again… the load sensors have given us so much information about Sphinx we can use to get faster.”

Andrew Mclean

Team Leader, Systems Engineering INEOS Team UK

“At INEOS TEAM UK, we consider Cyclops Marine our ‘go-to’ experts when it comes to wireless load sensors. Forging a close relationship with our suppliers is one of our core values, especially when that company manufactures in the UK.”


Safety and Performance

Live and logged load data on any running line mean you can learn and repeat your fastest settings and preserve the integrity of rigging, avoiding any nasty surprises.

The Smallest & Lightest

smartlink compresses advanced technologies into the most compact package possible. Crafted out of Titanium (2t-20t) or Aluminium (Nano), optimised for low weight and low windage.

Strength & Durability

Built to survive the toughest ocean environment, waterproof beyond IP67 and designed with astonishing working loads, smartlink devices won’t break till far beyond their maximum working loads and are tested to destruction. 


Data logged through the smartfittings manager app, ready for export to sailing analytics software.



Paired with our gateway, smartlink is compatible with most modern marine electronics systems. Find out more about connecting smartlink to your displays.


smartlink is factory calibrated for immediate use out of the box, and accurate to within 1% of maximum working load.

For Vessels from Superyachts to Kiteboards

Now available in five sizes, scaled in size for intended loads, with aperture designed for use with strops on relevant sized vessels, Superyachts to Kiteboards and everything in between

The Latest Wireless Technology

No need for cables or wires, the device communicates with your phone via over distances of up to 15m while sailing, and with on-board instruments via our gateway over longer ranges.

Battery Life

smartlink runs on CR2032 batteries, featuring smartpower button allowing predetermined switch-off and eliminating unnecessary run-down.

Smartlink Nano


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Smartlink 2t


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Smartlink 5t


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Smartlink 10t


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Smartlink 20t


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smartlink feeds data to your phone via the smartfittings app straight out the box.

Paired with a gateway smartlink has proven compatibility with:

B&GSailmonGarminnkeYacht DevicesExpedition marine
Chartplotters, Displays & Data LoggersVulcan, Zeus³, Triton², NemesisElement 7, 10, InkGPSMAP, GMI20, GNX120, GNX130MultigraphicVoyage Recorder YDVR-04N/A
SoftwareDeckmanNavDeskN/AN/AN/AExpedition Navigation & Sailing Software
N/A = No Applicable product from this brand.
If your system is not listed, please contact us and we may be able to provide a solution. We are working hard to add to our list of compatible systems.

The smartlink Nano in testing