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The New Standard In Sail Shape Control


Next-gen Data-Driven Sail Performance


FREE delivery for all Cyclops products until the end of June! (Products sent DDP, local taxes may apply)

Cyclops’ New Sail Shape Control Technology

  • Ensure Optimal Sail Performance
  • Accurately monitor the load in the sail battens.
  • Helps sailors hit fast, repeatable settings more precisely
  •  Gives live compressive load data
  • Can be re-charged in less than one hour
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How it works…

Despite advancements in sail technology, the traditional visual determination of batten compression settings often results in inaccuracies. in response, Cyclops Marine developed a smart solution placed between the batten and ‘rocket’ tightener, providing real-time compressive load data. This ensures sailing teams consistently achieve optimal settings.

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Easy Install

Truly “Plug and Play” for immediate install. 

Incredible Battery Life

The latest in wireless charging technology gives smartbatten 80 days of battery life from a single charge. (Up to 500 days onboard in napping mode).

Small & Light

An essential requirement is low weight to enable sails to still fly in the gentlest of wind, manufactured in titanium (size 1) & aluminium (size 2) for minimum weight, smartbatten sensor weighs in at a staggering 22g.


The highly accurate live load data effortlessly streams to the Cyclops App, synchronising with major electronics brands for display on yacht screens for precise dock based settings (live data while sailing cannot be guaranteed). Data logged through the smartfittings manager app, ready for export to sailing analytics software.



smartbatten is factory calibrated for immediate use out of the box, and accurate to within 1% of maximum working load.

The Latest Wireless Technology

No need for cables or wires, the device communicates wirelessly with your phone, and with on-board instruments via our gateway.

smartbatten size 1

smartbatten size 2