Exclusively manufactured for North Helix Sails.

Co-engineered by North Sails and Cyclops Marine


SmartLuff is an easy-to-use Bluetooth smart sensor that optimizes your sail by monitoring sail-load in real-time.

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Installed as an upgrade to the tack fitting on your Helix sail, SmartLuff quickly connects to your smartphone.

Helix Sails

SmartLuff also connects to your onboard displays, providing live load data in a simple, intuitive format.

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adopt a data-driven approach to sail-trim, repeatedly achieving the recommended sail/cable load sharing ratios provided with every set of North Helix sails.

Available as an upgrade to the full range of North Code Sails

Or to add SmartLuff to your existing Helix Sail…

Pair with a smarttoggle furler sensor for total load-share monitoring.


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