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Sailing Ahead: World Class Talent Driving The Smart Revolution

In the dynamic landscape of marine technology, Cyclops Marine has rapidly emerged as one of the foremost innovators. 

In five short years Cyclops has impacted every section of sailing. Wireless load sensing is fundamentally changing the way sailing is done.

“Having your live load settings on screen is a game-changer”

Dylan Fletcher – Men’s 49er Olympic Champion, International Moth World Champion, INEOS Britannia

Cyclops is now also steering into uncharted waters with new applications away from yachting, namely the fitness and utilities sectors, where highly accurate load data is set to change the way we exercise and monitor safety and performance in the grid.

Cyclops’ ability to diversify and deliver accelerated growth comes from a blend of youthful dynamism and world-class expertise, and it has hired at a rapid rate and nurtured talent in-house to fuel this fire. 

In the last six months alone, Cyclops has added a superb range of talent to the team:

Miles Rimell

Having played a part in the incredible global success story of Peloton, Miles Rimell has joined to add his expertise in wellness and fitness scale up strategy. Rimell is instrumental in bringing Cyclops’ proven technology to the market that he knows so well.

Levi Owino

Levi Owino has moved into the role of Product Engineer, after excelling in his previous role of Product Technician. A recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from the University of Portsmouth, Levi represents the core ethos of Cyclops – blending bright young minds with technical excellence.

Jim Downing

In another strategic move, Cyclops welcomed Jim Downing as Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO) this week. With hardware well-proven, and market expertise provided by Rimell, for Cyclops Workout, excellent software forms the next part of the puzzle. Downing is conceiving platforms which change the way we look at strength workouts – not only tracking activities and setting goals, but also creating new, engaging ways to enhance the experience and gamify the process.

Vasi Bambova

Vasimira Bambova is a multi-talented Marketing Executive, with a particular interest in the fitness sector. Bringing a blend of digital marketing acumen and a deep passion for the industry, when Vasi is not in the Cyclops office she is an active personal trainer.

Christian Hülß

The team is bolstered further by Christian Hülß, a yacht designer and naval architect with pedigree from the likes of Team Malizia. He’ll bring his technical knowledge of grand-prix race boats into a new role dedicated to developing and improving load sensing applications for the highest level of racing.

smartbatten – Cyclops’ new innovation in sail-shape control for grand-prix sailing

Yue Wern Lim

More innovative energy comes from Yue Wern Lim who is the Graduate Project Engineer in the Cyclops team, and a recent MEng Aeronautics and Astronautics graduate from the University of Southampton. Her passion for problem-solving has already proven to be a catalyst for groundbreaking projects that push the boundaries of marine technology.

Yue, Vasi and a cohort of Cyclops graduates during an Innovate UK training session.

Stefan Thomas

Strengthening Cyclops’ presence in France is Territory Sales Manager Stefan Thomas. With extensive experience in the maritime industry, Thomas brings a deep understanding of market nuances and a keen passion for sailing. A proud Plymouth University alumnus in Navigation and Maritime Sciences, he spends many off-duty hours racing his 23ft Seamaster.

Simon Leeming

Another product of internal development, Principal Engineer Simon Leeming began his Cyclops journey during a placement from the University of Southampton. Now a graduate in Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics and a full time member of the Cyclops team, he can already claim to have played an instrumental role in bringing many of Cyclops’ newer innovations to market – such as smarttune 1”, which has brought rig safety monitoring to 45 – 55ft multihulls.

Ben Lee

Finally, Ben Lee, Cyclops Marine’s new Head of Sales, joins from specialists in underwater LED lights, OceanLED. Ben is equipped with sales and marketing expertise gained in a plethora of marine industry roles, including in his own business ventures. Ben brings more specialism to the helm of the thriving marine division that forms the launchpad of everything Cyclops is forecast to achieve.

As Cyclops sails into new industries, it offers a great example of a company that has benefitted from a belief in new talent, driving business and personal growth side-by-side by spreading ownership and responsibility through the team, while hiring the best talent available for its leadership team. A commitment to innovation and the pursuit of excellence are built into its culture, making it ripe for exploiting new opportunities quickly. With a team as diverse as its product range, the future is bright.

Meet the rest of the Cyclops Team.

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