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Sailing larger multihulls brings a unique set of challenges. Modern cats and trimarans are optimised to perform at high levels while offering comfortable cruising, but as they heel much less than monohulls, rig loads can escalate without tell-tale signs, running the risk of equipment damage. 

The risk of rig failure is a lurking concern and can lead to costly repairs and safety hazards. 

Having popularised rig monitoring for a wide range of cruising multihulls, innovator in wireless load sensing, Cyclops Marine has stepped up with a new solution that extends its trusted safety warning system. The new innovation, smarttune 1”, brings wireless load sensing to larger yachts (45 – 55 ft multihulls), with upgraded electronics which make it even easier to use. The sensors also make sailing simpler than ever, allowing you to set up to an efficient setting and stay there, for easier, more comfortable passages.

smarttune 1” is easily installed in place of your existing turnbuckle and connects wirelessly to onboard displays and mobile devices. Having one installed on each cap shroud gives an overall picture of the loading of your rig.

Intuitive Displays 

Live load data has been used in competitive sailing for some time, allowing teams to hit and repeat their fastest settings in all conditions. But when bringing the technology into the cruising world, Cyclops had to innovate to make the data user friendly and useful. In collaboration with marine instrumentation specialists B&G, they introduced an intuitive dial, which displays data in green, amber or red to indicate safety level.

The green zone offers great reassurance to sailors and passengers that the boat is well within its limits.

Amber lets you know that you should be aware, should loads increase much further.

When the dial hits the red zone, it’s time to take action to depower the rig.

Data can also be displayed across all other major marine instrumentation and is logged in Cyclops’ smartfittings manager app.


smarttune 1” builds on the system’s convenience and ease of use. The sensor has bumped up Bluetooth range to deliver uninterrupted safety monitoring for larger vessels, and is now wirelessly charged (rather than using replaceable batteries). 

With wireless charging, the worry of power maintenance is all but gone. Discrete wireless chargers can be applied to the sensor while it is installed, meaning there’s no need to remove it at any time. What’s really impressive is the increase in battery life as a result. Amazingly, smarttune 1” is fully charged in 1 hour, for up to 120 days of battery life. Charge it for a single minute for an entire day’s use!The system is also designed for convenient sailing. Just set yourself up for the conditions and keep an eye on the numbers/colours being displayed. Hit the same numbers/colours time and time again for ease and control.

The System In Action

An older model of smarttune demonstrates Cyclops’ safety monitoring system.

The Full Range

smarttune 1”  builds upon the success of seven smaller sizes of smarttune, and an extensive range of load sensors for other applications.

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