Originally developed for use by Grand Prix racing teams, the Smart Tune package is now available to meet the performance requirements of race yachts of all sizes.

The Newest Addition to the smarttune Range

The 5/16″

For sports and day boats

smarttune Turnscrew

smarttune Turnscrew

from £1295

incl. VAT & Delivery

This Smart Tune package includes:
1 x Wireless Forestay Sensor
IP67 Rated
Replaceable AAA batteries
Works with Smartphone App

NMEA2000 Gateway + Cable

NMEA2000 Gateway + Cable



Listens to Cyclops Marine wireless sensors
Allows sensor load data to be sent to modern NMEA2000 Marine Electronics

Easy to install in minutes, the pre-calibrated sensor simply screws in as a replacement for your existing forestay turnscrew. The wireless receiver mounts below decks for instant live data, either plugged into your N2K instrument system or delivered to a smartphone over WiFi.

“Installing Smartune is as simple as taking turns off a turn screw to adjust the mast rake – this is definitely a system anyone can install on their own boat.”

Hannah Diamond

Hannah Diamond

The Ocean Race competitor & olympic campaigner