Precision Load Sensing Technology Integrated into Pins

New from Cyclops: The World’s First Wireless Load Pin for yachts

Digital Direct (Wired Load Pins)

Load Pins from Cyclops Marine replace existing pins to measure loads applied to standing rigging, such as forestays and shrouds. The pins are supplied factory calibrated, with ‘digital direct’ load output from the pin connector and no external housing to worry about, as the amplifier is incorporated into the pin. 

The result is a highly reliable, accurate, robust load sensing solution. All calibrated parts are encased within the pin which can be detached from its connecting cable making it compact and practical.

Cyclops load pins are entirely custom designed around customer requirements and our experienced technical team is available to help inform custom specification.

  • All parts manufactured in the UK.
  • Simple installation with standard tools, no need for in-situ recalibration.
  • 17-4/PH Stainless Steel as standard (other materials available).
  • Designed to operate in harshest marine environments.
  • Temperature compensated within -10º to +40ºC range.
  • Rated IP68.
  • Digital output from pin connector reduces complexity of installation and risk of damage.
  • Various types of anti-rotation methods available, including keep plates and tear drop fastener tabs to maintain alignment with load.
  • High accuracy calibration, typically ±1% of MWL.
  • Fill out form below with pin diameter and length and we can supply a quote including a calculation of maximum working load and failure load.

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