Live and logged load data enables sailors to hit their fastest settings every time

Sailmon’s Element displays can now showcase data from Cyclops Marines’ range of wireless load sensors. This development signifies an ongoing and successful collaboration between Sailmon and Cyclops Marine. The Sailmon MAX could already provide unique insights from Cyclops Marine. Thanks to the new integration into the Sailmon E4 processor, this data is now also available for larger boats and their crews.

“The combination of MAX and load sensors l has proven highly popular, leading to increased demand in the larger boat market for this integration. This feature has become inevitable. We are both attentive to our customers and we share the same mission: making advanced technology accessible to everyone.”

Kalle Coster, Chief Design Officer of Sailmon.


Sailmon Element displays are globally renowned for their unlimited customization, unmatched clarity, and readability. Their 7 or 10-inch display is available in portrait or landscape mode. Next to that, the high-performance Model E4 Silver sailing processor delivers fast, accurate, and reliable data. The E4 Silver uses algorithms designed and used by pro sailors, combining sailing data with advanced racing technology, allowing you to configure, calibrate, and view your boat data everywhere.

“We are super excited and grateful to Sailmon for enabling sailors to experience live wireless load information through the E4 processor. Sailmon users are the most discerning sailors, and we firmly believe they will benefit the most from this collaboration, sailing faster and safer with better data.”

Ian Howarth CEO Cyclops Marine.


Accurate to within 1% of maximum working load, the innovative solutions of the British maritime company are renowned as the most accurate, smallest, lightest, strongest, and most versatile load sensors on the market for any boat. With load sensors available for a wide range of applications across standing rigging, soft rigging, and sails, you can determine and replicate your fastest settings and preserve the integrity of your rigging. 

Originally developed in partnership with America’s Cup team INEOS TEAM UK, Cyclops sensors are suitable for use on vessels from superyachts to kiteboards.

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