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Now available from Seagull Sails, Cyclops wireless load sensors have been making a big splash across the sailing world. Originally created for the America’s Cup, Cyclops has expanded its range to cater for all classes – from superyachts to dinghies, and from Grand-Prix level racers down to weekend sailors – bringing a new level of accuracy and simplicity to load monitoring. 

The competitive advantage offered by live load sensing is making Cyclops a must-have for race teams, providing: 

  • Accurate load figures they can use to set up to their tuning guide. 
  • Live feedback from adjustments on the water & the ability to hit their fastest settings again and again.
  • Logged load data they can use in coaching sessions, integrate with other data inputs, and analyse to keep improving. 

These benefits are making Cyclops sailors champions all over the world. 

The sensors also have huge safety benefits. Real-time loads provide a visual cue to take action when close to overload, helping avoid rig failure and get the most out of equipment.

Having used Cyclops in multiple programs, Seagull Sails owner Kyle Langford was keen to add Cyclops to the Seagull inventory:

“I have used Cyclops on a variety of boats from the Moth, to IMOCA 60 and Wild Oats XI. Having a live wireless read out of the loads means we can extract every bit of performance from the boat and sails as we can push them to their designed limit, taking all the guess work out of it. Having a number that we can reference also means we can be much more consistent with our settings and increases our repeatability when we come across a fast set up”.

Kyle Langford
Photo of Kyle Langford by Martina Orsini

At Seagull Sails we are always looking for products that will make you faster around the racecourse. Cyclops load sensors are no exception to this, from dinghies to super-maxis having good reliable data will increase consistency and result in a better performance.”

Kyle Langford

Seagull Sails are kicking off this new partnership by exhibiting the Cyclops range at BåtmässanGothenburg Boat Show 4-12 February. Stand C01:28.

Article cover image: Wild Oats XI by Salty Dingo

The Cyclops Range…

Available in a range of sizes, smartlink (pictured above) provides highly accurate load data for soft lines.
smarttune (pictured above) easily swaps in for existing turnbuckles to provide accurate load data for standing rigging.
smarttoggle (above) brings wireless load sensing to non-structural furlers, helping you furl perfectly every time and hit and repeat fast luff loads.
Last year, Cyclops also revolutionised the load pin, with the release of the world’s first wireless pin for sailing.

Ultimate Connectivity

Cyclops sensors connect via Bluetooth to all major marine instruments via an intermediary Gateway device, but with Sailmon MAX (also available from Seagull Sails) they connect directly straight out of the box (without the need for a Gateway).

Cyclops has its own intuitive mobile app for viewing and analysing live and logged data. Sensors are also compatible with a range of third party apps and software, including the Sailmon App.

Cyclops empowers sailors with innovations that maximise the performance power of their sails and rigging. So, we’re delighted to partner with Seagull Sails, as they have made it their mission to help customers get the most out of their equipment, offering competitive expertise and top quality service which will deliver enhanced value to our product range.” 

Cyclops CEO, Ian “Chips” Howarth

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