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Gearing Up For The Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race

Part of the IMOCA Globe Series, and building towards the Transat Jacques Vabre later this year, the 2023 Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race is eagerly-anticipated. The epic 1000+ mile race takes top double-handed teams from Brest in France, to the Fastnet Rock south of Ireland, down to a waypoint off the coast of Spain, then back to Brest over approximately five days.

Along with the intense competition offered by the best talent, comes the latest performance technology, and much of the IMOCA fleet are gaining an edge by using wireless load sensors from Cyclops Marine to boost their performance.

With Cyclops wireless load sensors an ever-present across the 5-boat Ocean Race IMOCA fleet, the Guyader Bermudes 1000 Race will offer an opportunity to see even more high performance sailing machines with the added ability of being able hit their fastest settings consistently, with the help of Cyclops. 

Cyclops produces wireless load sensors for a range of applications, but the IMOCA fleet mostly utilise smartlink sensors fitted to their soft lines, or load pins on standing rigging to collect and transmit load data to their onboard displays. This allows them to make precise, informed decisions and adjust their sails and rigging to hit peak performance in real-time.


In a hotly contested race like this, seemingly minor adjustments can make all the difference between winning and losing. 

In the midst of an offshore epic, as sailors become tired, fatigue can be a huge factor, and as the darkness looms, and harsh conditions take their toll, it can compound the challenge of maintaining a proper setup and staying proactive to make adjustments as conditions change. Cyclops sensors give highly accurate, verified numbers to remove guesswork, allowing you to take well-needed rests (as you know your settings are ideal), even if you can’t see your rigging and sails in the dark. All Cyclops data is also logged, so teams can analyse in depth post-race and improve every time they get out on the water.  

While uptake of the technology has been strong in Grand-Prix fleets like the IMOCA, Cyclops have made wireless load sensors accessible and affordable, so sailors of all levels can use them to up their game.

Hugely popular in a wide range of classes, especially among Sun Fast and J/Boat sailors, this new technology is on the verge of being a staple in every sailor’s toolkit. Wireless load sensors are now the benchmark for measuring and optimising sailing performance. 

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