The Secret to Flawless Furling…

smarttoggle®: the NEW Wireless Load Sensor for Perfect Furling & Optimal Performance

Pioneering the hugely popular “smart” range of wireless load sensors, Cyclops Marine has helped sailors win races and move up fleets all over the world, by enabling them to quantify their fastest settings, view them live while sailing, log, analyse and repeat them time and time again.

Its new innovation – smarttoggle® – adapts their highly-accurate, proven rig monitoring technology to a new application to tackle one of the most common frustrations faced onboard a yacht…

Your Furling Woes Are Over

We’ve all been there – you’re out on the water, reacting to constant changes in wind angles and gusts – you’re sailing well, and your equipment is performing… suddenly you find that at certain angles your furler becomes inefficient, slow, or it jams completely – costing you valuable time, especially if you have to intervene to encourage the furler to work. 

Furler issues are commonly due to the load running through your furling cable – if the cable is overloaded it is likely to seize up, and if underloaded it can snarl up – in both scenarios furling performance is negatively affected.

smarttoggle® provides constant, high-precision load monitoring for your furler – with load data broadcast via Bluetooth second-by-second from the sensor to your smartphone and onboard displays. With constant data displayed live onboard, you can make the necessary adjustments in sail trim to ensure you’re at optimal loads to furl quickly and smoothly – empowering you to furl perfectly every time.

Hit & Repeat Your Fastest Settings

Load data from smarttoggle® also allows you to find your top gear quickly and reliably. The key to hitting that gear is nailing the optimal load share ratio between your sail luff and furling cable. As smarttoggle® provides the exact load running through your furling cable, it gives you a clear picture of the total load share ratio. Leading sail makers, such as North Sails, provide recommended sail/cable load settings with their sails, making smarttoggle® a quick way to hit these reliably by visualising them onboard. The Cyclops App and Gateway both log all of your data for analysis, making the learning process quick, easy and interactive.

smarttoggle® is compatible with all leading furler brands and can be used with Code Sails, Reachers and Asymetrics. It is installed quickly and easily, connecting to your phone straight out of the box and via a Cyclops Gateway (installed below deck) to all major brands of onboard display.

smarttoggle® is available now in two sizes, up to a maximum working load of 7 tonnes. 

Contact Cyclops Marine to learn more, request a quote or find the sensor for your boat.

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