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Sparcraft Cape Town and Cyclops Marine: Bringing Safety and Performance to South African Sailors

Cyclops Marine is delighted to announce an exciting new distribution partnership with Sparcraft Cape Town, the industry’s leading manufacturer of yacht masts and spars in South Africa. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for both companies, as we jointly strive to provide sailors of all levels with access to real-time safety and performance insights.

Now, with the collaboration between Sparcraft Cape Town and Cyclops Marine, the unparalleled expertise of Sparcraft Cape Town in the technical nuances of the rig and rigging system is perfectly complemented by Cyclops Marine’s load sensing solutions. By merging Sparcraft Cape Town’s proficiency with the power of cutting-edge technology from Cyclops, sailors across the globe are equipped to navigate with precision, push their limits, and set new standards in sailing.

smarttune from Cyclops

Enhance Performance

Initially developed in collaboration with Cambridge University, Cyclops Marine originally developed its technology to bring performance data (that was previously only available to grand-prix race teams), to all, in a simple, user-friendly format.

Cyclops data is displayed via your existing onboard electronics and a mobile app and is continuously logged for post-sail analysis and improvement.

Now widely used by the world’s leading offshore, America’s Cup, and Olympic racing teams, right down to weekend dinghy sailors, Cyclops has changed the game in competitive sailing.

The easy-to-install technology delivers continuous, wireless monitoring of rig and sail loads–empowering sailors to hit fast, repeatable settings and excel in all conditions.

Enhance Safety

As well as delivering superior performance power, Cyclops allows you to keep a close eye on loading limits – ensuring your rig never exceeds the total load recommended by manufacturers. This has given rise to safety applications which have made a particular impact in the performance catamaran space – where owners want to sail fast with the comfort of visual cues to depower the rig to avoid costly, dangerous accidents.

For catamarans, the simple installation of the sensors to either side of the rig provides a centralised data display on your instruments or mobile device – with second by second load data to let you know when to take action to keep the boat safe.

The load data can be displayed in multiple formats – either as raw numbers on screen, or as an intuitive dial in green, amber or red to indicate safety level. All data is also logged for later viewing and analysis.

Efficient and Easy Sailing

Monitoring your loads also allows you to set up to an efficient setting and stay there, for easier, more comfortable passages. Just set yourself up for the conditions and keep an eye on the numbers/colours being displayed. Hit the same numbers time and time again for ease and control.

“Safety has always been a primary concern for sailors, and wireless load sensors address this crucial aspect with precision. Sailors can now closely monitor loading limits, preventing the rig from surpassing recommendations and avoiding accidents. We’re so excited to bring these benefits to our customers”.

Ian MacRobert, Manager, Sparcraft Cape Town

“Cyclops Marine and Sparcraft Cape Town are getting to work to revolutionise sailing in South Africa! Making our advanced technology accessible to all, boosting performance, safety and improving the sailing experience.”

Ian “Chips” Howarth, CEO, Cyclops Marine

An extensive range of Cyclops devices and accessories is now available from Sparcraft Cape Town. For further information and trade enquiries, please reach out to Sparcraft Cape Town on +27 21 555 3470, or email info@sparcraftmasts.co.za

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