Share A Magic Load Number! You Could Win Customised Sailing Tops For You And Your Crew

Every sailor knows that there’s no better feeling than hitting that perfect setting for the conditions and seeing the instant impact on your performance (well, except perhaps the feeling of victory).

For sailors that use wireless load sensors from Cyclops, that feeling doesn’t have to be so fleeting! As the technology provides live load data to your onboard displays and logs all your data via an app, you can record that exact setting and hit it again and again, refining your optimal settings and seeing huge gains.  

“Having your live load settings on screen is a game changer”

Dylan Fletcher, Men’s 49er Olympic Champion

Competition Time!

We are reaching out to the community of Cyclops sailors all over the world to share a magic load number with us for a chance to win. 

All you have to do is create a short, engaging, fun video or a captivating picture that showcases your magic number in action!

The magic number that helps you excel is, of course, very dependent on the conditions and your setup on a given day, so do not worry if you’re not sure if the number is your absolute peak reading – the competition will judge your photo or video submission rather than the number itself. 

The winner(s) will be determined by a Cyclops judging panel, and will be the entry(s) that they judge to be the most engaging and fun.

The Prize

Winner(s) will receive Cyclops branded Zhik long-sleeve sailing tops, with the option of customisation with your team/crew’s name and emblem.

How to enter

  1. Create your video or snap your picture. If the video or photo doesn’t include the load reading on screen, then please include it in the caption, along with details of your full name, boat/team name and the class of yacht shown.  
  2. Post it on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter and tag Cyclops Marine. To ensure you tag the correct account, links to our social media accounts can be found here.
  3. If you are not on any of these platforms or would prefer to enter via email, please send your submission to info@cyclopsmarine.com and ensure you include your entry photo/video, your full name, boat/team name and the class of yacht shown.

*By entering this competition, you consent to Cyclops Marine sharing your photos or videos on social media, and to being contacted about matters relating to the competition. 

More information about this competition including full terms and conditions can be found here.

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