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Seamless Crew Rotation: Get New Personnel Up To Speed In No Time

We’ve all been there… you’re going brilliantly one week, moving up the fleet, winning races, the entire operation ticking like precision machinery… then something disrupts that flow – someone gets ill, injured, or is unavailable – throwing a spanner in the works.  

Armed with load sensors from Cyclops, which wirelessly transmit live load data to your onboard displays and continuously log data via a mobile app, your crew never has to lose that ‘on a roll’ feeling. 

It’s well documented how the uptake in wireless load sensors has empowered sailors to find fast, repeatable settings for huge performance gains. But, it’s not just about working to increase your team’s performance week-on-week, it’s also about handing over the torch – passing that intangible ‘feel’ of going well and sailing fast onto new or returning crew members by simply sharing the data.

“I love it because it lets you pick up where you left off. Of course that’s even more advantageous when you’ve got the same crew as last time out, but it doesn’t always work like that. If something has to change, you just show the next person the optimal numbers and go from there!

…The data actually came in so useful when there was a lot of Covid-19 around. With people dropping out short notice, instead of having a crisis, we just hit our numbers and got on with it – our new normal became sailing by the numbers.” 

Charlie Whelan, Skipper/Owner, Cape 31, ‘Bodfather’
The Bodfather, with smarttune from Cyclops on the forestay. Photo: Cape 31 UK / James Tomlinson

The idea is straightforward – by sharing data within the team, you strengthen the collective skill set. With intuitive logging and compatibility with sailing analytics software, a new, diligent crew member can study past performances closely. A less diligent crew-member, or someone with less time, can learn a few simple numbers for different conditions and simply match the live data on-screen with the desired settings.

Load data on B&G Nemesis Display

It is true that wireless load sensing is creating something of a “new normal” in sailing – making teams sharper, smarter, and more consistent. Cyclops tech is rapidly replacing a myriad of manual techniques sailors would use in the pursuit of continuity and repeatability…

As Keiron Hill, mainsheet trimmer,  J/122E Juno explains:

“Having marks on your backstay is not enough, as your mainsheet load is such a factor in inducing load on the rig too. The whole rig is working as a dynamic structure and it is essential to have accurate data as to the impact of the loadings… without a load sensor, you are just guessing. We love the Cyclops product as we know it is accurate and we don’t have to mess about with wiring or calibration…  it’s just wind and go!”

Juno, with smarttune from Cyclops on the forestay. Photo: Landsail Tyres J-Cup / Paul Wyeth

Hill’s last point underscores a crucial factor – the combination of accuracy and simplicity. You can have all the technology in the world, but a team is only as good as its use of the data. So, Cyclops has been laser-focused on delivering not just extreme accuracy in the data, but also clarity – making it easy to understand and harness quickly. 

This is one reason why coaches of all levels love using Cyclops in their programmes. Coaches know their specialist classes inside out, but the challenge is to transfer that knowledge, often based on an indescribable feel for the boat, to whoever they’re coaching. If they can translate that feeling of going fast and give it an exact numerical reference point, that can be a massive help in quickly getting everyone they coach up to speed:

Andrew “Dog” Palfrey, International Coach

“From using the sensors I’ve built up a bank of numbers for different conditions – I have learnt what loads are fast and how the controls interact. So, when using them in training, we use the live number to get up to speed and then practise hitting it time and time again, so it becomes second nature for race day.”

Whether you’re part of a fixed crew, where everyone holds down their position every time you hit the water, or you’re chopping and changing regularly, load data has become absolutely essential. It accelerates learning, empowers you to build on past success, and ensures every session starts where the last one left off. 

Want to get up to speed? Cyclops Marine has designed a wide range of sensing solutions tailored to every performance-critical installation across classes…

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