On Board Marine Group Stocks Cyclops In Hong Kong & China

Now available from On Board Marine Group (OBMG), Cyclops wireless load sensors have been making a big splash across the sailing world. Originally created for the America’s Cup, Cyclops has expanded its range to cater for all classes – from superyachts to dinghies, and from high-performance racers to cruising vessels  – bringing a new level of accuracy and simplicity to load monitoring. 

For racing, the competitive advantage offered by live load sensing is making Cyclops a must-have for teams, providing: 
  • Accurate load figures they can use to set up to their tuning guide. 
  • Live feedback from adjustments on the water & the ability to hit their fastest settings again and again.
  • Logged load data they can use in coaching sessions, integrate with other data inputs, and analyse to keep improving. 

These benefits are making Cyclops sailors champions all over the world. 

The sensors also have huge safety benefits. Real-time loads provide a visual cue to take action when close to overload, helping avoid rig-failure and get the most out of equipment.

Cyclops is delighted to announce that On Board Marine Group is bringing the Cyclops range to its thriving market in Hong Kong and mainland China. 

The Cyclops Range

Available in a range of sizes, smartlink (pictured above) provides highly accurate load data for soft lines.
smarttune (pictured above) easily swaps in for existing turnbuckles to provide accurate load data for standing rigging.
smarttoggle (above) brings wireless load sensing to non-structural furlers, helping you furl perfectly every time and hit and repeat fast luff loads.
Last year, Cyclops also revolutionised the load pin, with the release of the world’s first wireless pin for sailing.

Ultimate Connectivity

Cyclops sensors connect via Bluetooth to all major marine instruments via an intermediary gateway. For dinghies and sport boats, Sailmon MAX and Vakaros Atlas 2 instruments provide direct Bluetooth connectivity (without the need for an intermediary device). 

Selected B&G and Raymarine electronics allow load data to be displayed on an intuitive safety warning dial, making it easy to prevent overload and avoid dangerous accidents and costly equipment damage.

Cyclops has its own mobile app for viewing and analysing live and logged data. Sensors are also compatible with a range of third party apps and software.

“We’re delighted that OBMG are bringing our game-changing technology to sailors in Hong Kong and China, they offer high level expertise and brilliant service to their customers so we’re super excited about this partnership.”

Cyclops CEO, Ian “Chips” Howarth
Learn more about Cyclops. 
Or contact OBMG to get a quote / make an order.

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