Cyclops Partners American Magic for 37th America’s Cup

Cyclops Marine is proud to announce that it is partnering American Magic as load sensing suppliers for their 2024 America’s Cup campaign. Every year the America’s Cup becomes more data driven, as technology leaps forward more inputs become available, empowering teams to refine high-performance to an absolute science. Our market-leading wireless load sensors were originally developed for the America’s Cup, so we are thrilled that our latest technology will have a place onboard Patriot. 

NYYC American Magic are delighted to have chosen Cyclops as load sensing partners for the 37th America’s Cup. The choice was logical, given Cyclops’ reputation for accuracy and reliability. The America’s Cup is won on the tightest of margins; everything is data-driven, so whichever team learns how to squeeze the extra 1 or 2% out of the boat will likely come out victorious. The data the sensors provide live onboard, and again when we get into the analysis room is vital to helping us achieve our goal.” 

Tyson Lamond, Chief Operating Officer, American Magic 

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