Cyclops Marine Proud to Partner Cape 31 Class

In four short years, the Cape 31 class has rapidly emerged as the next premier one-design fleet. Such is the forward-thinking innovation of the Cape 31, it has quickly attracted the world’s best sailors, driven by a vision of simplicity in design and a hunger for high-performance. 

The very same vision led the class to embrace wireless load sensors from Cyclops Marine under one design rules in 2022. The new technology from Cyclops brings performance insights once reserved for America’s Cup teams to sailors everywhere. Cyclops sensors monitor critical loads and broadcast them live to onboard displays, also logging them for post-sail analysis – empowering sailors to zero-in on their fastest settings and repeat them every time they go out on the water – matching performance to numbers live on screen. Alongside its cutting-edge design, the addition of wireless load sensors puts the Cape 31 at the leading edge in another area of innovation – data analysis

Cyclops Is Now Proud To Announce That It Has Become An Official Partner Of The Class. Also Founded In 2018, Cyclops Is The Perfect Partner For Cape 31 – This Collaboration Bringing Together Two Young Brands That Represent A New And Exciting Age For The Sport!

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