smarttune 5/16” & smartlink Nano: The Ultimate Olympic Training Tools? (49er)

Cyclops Marine’s off-the-shelf solutions to the mysteries of dynamic rig loads could have massive effects on the Olympic scene within the next cycle. 

Working with the British Team we are beginning to understand just how to use the technology to best effect in all conditions, where the optimum loads are on all points of sail and on all lines. 

Dynamic rig loads are a revelation, and getting instant feedback on adjustments is invaluable, but the value of Cyclops sensors and the data they provide increases 10, 20, even 30-fold over time, as you build up a database and begin to use it in conjunction with sailing analytics software for the ultimate in training analysis. 

Cyclops Marine was able to speak with Olympic 49er FX hopefuls Team Mastfell—Bella Fellows and Alice Masterman, along with Shock Sailing to discuss the benefits they’ve seen after using a smarttune 5/16” on their forestay and a smartlink Nano on their vang:

“What the data provides us with is scientific facts, that either help confirm our knowledge or help us explore new areas that we would not even consider… we have not seen a foreign boat in a year now… we cannot emulate the start lines or high-pressured situations that 40 boats mid-championship race gives us… the data we are collecting can point us in the right direction… we can [now] at least aim for a golden figure that will help us achieve our ultimate goal of winning gold…This will also be extremely useful when we get our new masts this year. The FX is a one design class but for the 2024 cycle our masts are all changing which means we must start a shorter cycle with limited knowledge and no reference. Fortunately, we have the smarttune which will give us a great head start.”

Team Mastfell in training with smarttune 5/16″ sensing their forestay load.

Enquire now and discover more about how smartlink or smarttune can unlock your full potential on the water.

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