One Design Class Approve smartlink 5t from Cyclops

In a visionary move, a one design class has changed its class rules to allow the use of wireless load sensors from Cyclops Marine. Nautor’s ClubSwan 36, renowned for its innovation and forward-thinking, has approved the use of a smartlink 5t (pictured) on the forestay during racing. 

While in most classes a smarttune sensor for wire rigging is appropriate to monitor forestay load, with its modern PBO forestay, the ClubSwan 36 is perfectly suited to a load sensor designed for soft rigging i.e. smartlink

smartlink 5t on a Swan 36 forestay

The expected maximum loads through a Swan 36 forestay make a smartlink 5t the obvious load-sensing solution. With measurements of just 83 x 66 x 22 mm, and weighing just 210 grams, the unit adds minimal weight and size to the rig; it’s installed in minutes and delivers accuracy within 1% up to a working load of 5 tonnes.  

World renowned sailor Michele Ivaldi (Consultant to Italian distributor Velamania) has emphasised the sensor’s ease of use: “The install was very easy and the software configuration (to Garmin displays) took only 4 minutes.”

Sleek, reliable and cutting edge, smartlink blends in beautifully with the ClubSwan 36 both in aesthetics, and philosophy. Nautor’s ClubSwan 36 is an innovative high-performance yacht which allows sailors to reach extreme speeds while in total control. The perfect balance between performance and control is also the vision behind smartlink—the link not only between strops but between man and machine as well… 

live loads displayed wirelessly

The live data provided by the sensor for display on a smartphone app or on-board displays gives sailors instant feedback from adjustments, and the ability to learn and repeat fast settings as they refine the relationship between forestay tension and wider elements of the rig. Data is continuously logged for review after sailing, and is ready for export to sailing analytics software, so that learning, coaching and analysis can continue long after racing or training has concluded.  

Ivaldi: “Monitoring and logging forestay tension is critical to data analysis and performance improvements, the progression you can see, even after a short time using the technology, is amazing.”

smartlink 5t on a Swan 36 forestay

Part of a widespread uptake of load-sensors, the selection of smartlink by the ClubSwan 36 class is a resounding endorsement of Cyclops Marine’s technology. Sailors and decision makers have quickly identified data from Cyclops sensors as providing a huge benefit to their fleet, and Cyclops is delighted to see its game-changing technology becoming available to an increasing number of sailors.

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