Your ticket to moving up the fleet | J/111 Dynamic Tuning Guide

The “smart” range of wireless load sensors from Cyclops Marine—smartlink and smarttune—have been helping sailors learn and repeat their fastest settings with live and logged load data since the company announced their arrival last year. Today Cyclops announced its next initiative to make the data provided by the sensors more easily harnessed, ensuring precise & immediate conversion into performance on the water. 

J/111 Ramrod sailing to overall ORC East Coast Title in 2020 equipped with a smarttune sensor on their forestay

Cyclops is releasing a range of dynamic tuning guides (starting with the J/111 class), using the expertise and feedback from the Class leaders using the sensors, along with analytics software output to generate target forestay load values for different wind conditions—essentially eliminating the variable of sail trim. 

Up until now it has taken crew members some time to make sense of the new data available to them, building up a bank of numbers for reference and reacting to the live loads displayed onboard to learn which settings produce results on the water. 

Forestay load data displayed on a J/111

Tuning guides offer verified figures, making it easier than ever to get the most out of your boat, and Cyclops sensors from day one of using them onboard. A simple guide to success, this is likely to have a widespread impact on performance in classes equipped with a guide, making a load sensor a quick ticket to moving up the fleet.

J/111 Guide

smarttune sensor on a J/111 forestay

The J/111 is an example of a class with a good uptake in Cyclops technology, hence Cyclops has selected it as the first dynamic tuning guide released. Cyclops is, however, promising the release of a full range of guides in the coming weeks and months, with the aim of allowing as many sailors as possible equipped with Cyclops technology to start moving up the fleet, emulating the settings of those at the front. 

Don’t get left behind. Find out when your classes’ guide will be released, and discover what Cyclops sensors can do for your performance. 

Get in touch with Cyclops’ expert team today, email info@cyclopsmarine.com or visit cyclopsmarine.com for more information.

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