Eliminate The Variable Of Sail Trim | J/99 Dynamic Tuning Guide Released

The latest release in our range of dynamic tuning guides has arrived! After the release of our first three guides, we’ve been working hard to deliver more. And now the J/99 Guide is here…

Using the expertise and feedback from the Class leaders using our sensors, along with analytics software we have generated target forestay load values for different wind conditions—essentially eliminating the variable of sail trim!

Up until now, it has taken crew members some time to make sense of the new data provided by smarttune (sensors for standing rigging), building up a bank of numbers for reference and reacting to the live loads displayed onboard to learn which settings produce results on the water. 

Tuning guides offer verified figures, making it easier than ever to get the most out of your boat, and Cyclops sensors from day one of using them onboard. A simple guide to success, this is likely to have a widespread impact on performance in classes equipped with a guide, making a load sensor a quick ticket to moving up the fleet.

J/99 Dynamic Tuning Guide

We’re working hard on producing a full range of guides—contact us to request a particular class.

Get in touch with Cyclops’ expert team today, email info@cyclopsmarine.com or visit cyclopsmarine.com for more information.

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