Digital Direct Load Pins from Cyclops Marine

Load pins are designed to replace existing pins, measuring loads on standing rigging such as forestays and shrouds, giving sailors valuable data they can use to optimise performance and avoid rig overload. New technology from Cyclops Marine has led to the most accurate, reliable & robust custom load pins available. 

What sets Cyclops Load Pins apart from existing solutions is ‘Digital Direct’ technology – a new and unique innovation. Supplied factory calibrated, all calibrated parts are encased within the pin, which after simple installation outputs ‘Digital Direct’ load data, with no external housing or amplifier.

In the past, load pin installation has been complex; pins have featured fixed analogue cables and external amplifiers that need bespoke calibration, often regularly requiring re-calibration through the life of the pin.  

Cyclops pins are installed with commonplace tools and can be disconnected from the supplied cable, making them compact and practical. Pins are supplied with reliable, custom-made anti-rotation solutions (such as keep plates or tear drop fastener tabs) which eliminate misalignment with the applied load. Across the board Cyclops Marine has reduced the possibility of damage or inaccuracy – from miscalibration, to water ingress, to misalignment. 

These advances are expected to be game-changing in performance racing, cruising and superyachts, making valuable data accessible to crews who seek confidence in accurate information. Data is rapidly becoming the most valuable asset in sailing; data analytics software is becoming more powerful and sailors need load sensors to be streamlined and user-friendly to integrate into this increasingly complex system.

Every Cyclops Marine Load Pin is entirely custom-designed and built in the UK using certified materials. Find out more or enquire today and our experienced technical team can help you determine custom specifications and provide a quotation.

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