smarttune Testing Update

smarttune Testing Update

This summer, we’ve been testing our new smarttune forestay load sensors (which are the result of 12 months of product development) including on the water testing across the Northern Hemisphere.

We have had multiple units under design review in Europe and the US in order to get the design and requirements perfectly suited to the marine environment and the needs of the yachts and sailors.

Working with racing fleets and some of the leading yachts and sailors, we asked them to “test it to destruction” – and they certainly did that!

Some of our testing “highlights” came to life during the J/Cup, J/111 Worlds, the Fastnet and of course during the “The Big Blow at Cowes Week” earlier this month.

There were only a few breakages out of the many hundreds of hours of sailing that were completed, with one issue during Cowes Week where one of the testing yachts managed to blow apart the plastic casing of the Smartune unit, due to a spinnaker sheet being trapped. However, the good news is the structural integrity of the unit and the rig was not compromised.

Thanks to this testing and customer feedback, we are now working on design improvements including adding an anti-snag guard to the unit and improved water proofing.

So, a big thanks from us to our all product testers and champions this season. We would also like to acknowledge all the help, feedback and design requests from the wider sailing community.

We will soon be officially launching the smarttune forestay sensor kit to the general market – watch this space for news of that and enjoy the last few weeks of this wonderful sailing season!

(Photo Credit: Cowes Week)

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