smarttune sensors are designed to replace your existing turnscrews (forestay/backstay/shrouds/diagonals) and feed live load data to your phone wirelessly, or (with the addition of a Cyclops Marine Gateway) to most on-board electronics systems. Designed to be used for long spells in extreme conditions, they charge wirelessly for an astonishing 2,000 hours of continuous battery life. Available in 7 sizes, for a wide range of classes (sizes represent turnscrew measurements). 


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  • Factory calibrated and accurate to +/- 1% of maximum working load. 
  • Pair with smartfittings app for logging and analysis.
  • Wireless Charging.
  • 2,000 Hours Battery Life (10 x previous model)
  • Fully Charged in 1 Hour / Charged for a Full Day’s Use in 1 Minute
  • Live load wirelessly communicated to your phone – approx 60% longer Bluetooth range than previous model.
  • Direct connection with SAILMON MAX display (No Gateway Device Required).
  • Live load wirelessly communicated to other boat electronics via the Cyclops gateway.
  • Enhanced Background Logging on Mobile and Gateway Device.
  • Multiple sensors can be read on one phone or gateway.
  • Precision designed for lowest weight, low windage.
  • Even more Robust & Waterproof.
Thread Size


Metric Thread


Breaking Load



323 x 71 x 40mm

Device Weight