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smartbatten size 1

smartbatten size 1


Smartbatten innovates sail control, solving a long-standing issue for sailors. It ensures precise sail shape control by monitoring batten load, empowering sailors for optimal, repeatable settings in the era of moulded sail shapes.

  • Max working load 100kg

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Want smartbatten to display on your onboard electronics?

Cyclops Gateway

  • Precise control of sail shape
  • Size 1 based on compressive
    load limits of 100kg
  • Smartbatten system includes sensor, adaptor and rocket/compression block with stud.
  • Adaptor designed for integration into a C-Tech CT22 batten, other adaptor sizes available on request.
  • Nett weight of system approximately 44g (including total system weight minus removed batten section)
  • On/off button and remote app on/off
  •  Lightweight printed adapter
  • Wireless charging
  • Fully charged in 1 hour
  • Up to 80 days battery life
  • Data log for analysis stored in the smartfittings app
Pin Diameter

12mm nominal

Max Working Load