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A wide range of dinghies and foiling craft benefit greatly from a smartlink nano in the lines of the main sheet, vang, cunningham, halyard or outhaul. Standing rigging can accommodate our 1/4″ smarttune or 5/16″ smarttune which easily replace existing turnscrews to display rig load on the shrouds or forestay. Below are some examples of how our sensors are used in Olympic and foiling classes, contact us if you would like to discuss your dinghy class and set up.


Smartfittings App

Pair multiple sensors with the smart fittings app for sensor settings, live load numbers and downloadable data

Wireless pairing with Sailmon MAX

Wireless pairing of multiple sensors to the Sailmon MAX for live sensor loads during racing or training. Load your sail data to the Sailmon Sailing App and compare with your friends.

Wireless pairing with Vakaros Atlas 2

Wireless pairing of multiple sensors to the Vakaros Atlas 2 display for live loads during racing or training. Data is logged for post-race analysis to identify best loads for optimum speed.




Formula Kite and iQ Foil

Trusted by the best

Used by top kite foilers at World Champs and in the lead up to Paris 2024

Data analysis

Computer aided data analysis helps to break down segments and identify areas for improvement, getting the most out of your training

Small, light, and strong

At a mere 72g, the nano has a max working load of 600kg. The low profile body fits seamlessly into the harness system and with 2000 hours battery from full charge, you’ll never miss a beat

Smartlink nano

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