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Innovation for a competitive edge

Last month’s YBW had a fun roundup of the top 10 innovations in the history of sailing. All good contentious stuff (although I suspect no-one would argue with the invention of the keel).

Sailing has always attracted innovators, particularly in racing. In particular, the rate of innovation in design and materials has accelerated so much over the past 20 years it is possible to date Grand Prix yachts within a year or two from a quick glance. The industry has enthusiastically embraced the use of data as well; GPS, depth sounders, knot meters, anemometers are all part and parcel of a well equipped boat.

Now it’s the turn of the next generation of data – real time feedback on the performance of the yacht structure – to help design and sail faster, safer boats. Borrowing from the worlds of motorsports and mission critical assets to deliver high accuracy data on the loads a yacht experiences. Using condition based monitoring and predictive analytics to explore how these loads affect performance and lifetime of yachts, rigs and foils.

This is the goal for Cyclops Marine. Bringing the best of professional innovation and engineering to bear on this opportunity, we’re aiming to provide a tool that lets crews, designers and manufacturers push the envelope even further.

And maybe even make it onto the list of sailing’s greatest innovations.

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