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Founded in 2018, Cyclops Marine brings together wireless load sensing and sailing expertise with the aim of being the industry standard in load sensing for marine applications.

In the past load sensing has only been available to race teams and super-yachts, with our technology sensors are easy to install, can be used on any boat, and provide useful information that is easily understood by all – bringing America’s Cup technology to everyone.

Our foundations were laid at Cambridge University, home to some of the world’s leading experts in load sensing technology. We have developed our technology working with TEAM INEOS UK, the UK’s America’s Cup team. Our team has grown to include more technical and commercial expertise and some high level sailors. We spend a lot of time speaking to customers, which helps us learn what works well and how to improve.

Cyclops has also expanded into non-marine applications, click here to learn more.

Our values are encompassed by:

  • Professionalism: Being what we say we are (experts in our field).
  • Helping each other: As a small team, aiming for a high level of communication and connection. 
  • Ownership: Knowing and fulfilling our roles. 
  • Inspiring: Embracing the excitement and fun of our cutting edge technology. 
  • Customer Care Excellence: Find our customers, nurture relationships and care about them.