About Us

World experts in load sensing on yachts.



Founded in September 2018, Cyclops Marine brings together wireless sensor technology and sailing expertise, with the aim to be the industry standard in yacht load sensing. Cyclops sensors are designed to be used in a marine environment, developed with our customers in mind. Our sensors are factory calibrated, and have a minimum ±1% accuracy at full load (some of our sensors are more accurate). Previously, load sensing was only available to race teams and super-yachts. With our technology, sensors can be used on any boat, easy to install, wireless and providing useful information that is easily understandable to all sailors.

We began in Cambridge, where some of the world’s leading experts in load sensing technology are based. We also have a great understanding of the marine industry, having worked for other technical companies for many years. We spend a good portion of our time speaking to customers and installing sensors, as this is how we learn what things work and where we can improve. Our aim is to be regarded as a company our customers recommend. This is encompassed by:

  • Professional Communication – answering emails and calls in a timely manner with the right information
  • Customer Engagement – making sure we support our customers from beginning until sailing
  • Continuous Improvement – we encourage feedback, it makes us better!

Meet the Team

Ian 'Chips' Howarth

Ian ‘Chips’ Howarth


Ian has been in the senior management teams of marine industry businesses for the last 20 years and brings a wealth of experience in global branding and distribution. A retired sailor, ‘Chips’ boasts multiple world championship titles as well as Olympic level coaching.

Edward Colby

Edward Colby

CTO & Co-Founder

A whizz with a soldering iron or CAD model, Ed develops and designs our sensors, as well as overseeing setting up production. Ed completed his undergraduate and PhD at Cambridge University, specialising in implantable sensors. Since then he has has worked as a technical advisor to international clients for 20 years and has led the development of technologies and products that have been transformative in their industries.

Gary Owen

Gary Owen

Finance & UK Sales

Gary oversees our trade customer relationships, and our finances. He comes from a background in sailcloth manufacture and environmental sustainability projects, with a focus on research and development.

Sam Cray

Sam Cray

Operations & Technical Projects

A recent import to the UK from New Zealand, Sam brings technical experience working in the design offices of some of the leading marine industry companies. Sam is responsible for our custom sensor projects and overseeing our external production partners.