More Winners use Cyclops

More Winners use Cyclops

J/122e Juno powering their way to class victory at the Landsail Tyres J-Cup 2020
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More Winners use Cyclops

Skippered by Toff Daniels, the J/122e Juno won the IRC1, the premier division at this weekend’s Landsail Tyres J-Cup.

Winning four races in the series and going into the final day with half a point lead, Juno sealed their victory 5 ½ points clear, showing great consistency over the regatta. Cyclops Marine had the opportunity to catch up with Toff and his mainsheet trimmer Kieran Hill to ask how smarttune helped in their dominant win.  A jubilant Toff cut straight to the point: “it is a step forward in trimming a race boat.”

On the mainsheet Kieran emphasised the reassuring influence of the wireless load sensor. “The forestay load data was a really useful second check for my trimming. Looking at the main leech, I would sanity check what I was feeling with the forestay load.” Referring to the loads, Kieran went into more detail: “we tended to set up for the lulls upwind, with forestay around 2.1 tonnes. In the solid pressure we would go to 2.5/2.6 tonnes using the backstay and mainsheet tension. If I got to 2.7 tonnes it was too much and we really starved out the main, it was great having the Cyclops number to help with this, then we looked at jib cars to depower.”

On further discussion Kieran pointed out one of the challenges with race boats is the balance of achieving max forestay load without over compressing and bending the mast and starving the mainsail out. “Having marks on your backstay is not enough as your mainsheet load is such a factor in inducing load on the rig too. The whole rig is working as a dynamic structure and it is essential to have accurate data as to the impact of the loadings.” He went on to talk about having accessible data, “without a load sensor [smarttune], you are just guessing. We love the Cyclops product as we know it is accurate and we don’t have to mess about with wiring or calibration… it’s just wind and go!”

In a typical year Juno would have a full programme including offshore races, and this was the first Landsail Tyres J-Cup they have attended, commenting that it was a great regatta and an excellent opportunity for some boat-on-boat racing with other asymmetric boats. Juno took home their class win and the Best Newcomer Trophy.

Find out more about smarttune from Cyclops Marine and how data can help you race a more consistent series by contacting your local distributor via

Toff Daniels and the crew of Juno collecting their prizes at the Landsail Tyres J-Cup 2020
Photo credit: Landsail Tyres J-Cup /

Race winners use smarttune

Race winners use smarttune

Close racing during the JOG Home Ports Regatta 2020. Credit JOG/Rick Tomlinson

Race winners in Class 1 in the JOG Home Ports Regatta had one thing in common, a smarttune from Cyclops Marine.  

smarttune installed on NJOS

smarttune and smartlink are the latest innovations in wireless load sensor technology. They provide live load data via an app or boat instruments, where sailors can measure and repeat your fast settings. Control your forestay sag, headsail shape, mast bend and sheet load to maximise your performance in all conditions and on all points of sail.

What better platform to showcase them than a regatta that combines a long-distance race from Cowes-Poole-Cowes, followed by around the cans Solent racing.

Two owners, Stuart Lawrence of Scream2 and Tim Octon of NJOS, took advantage of the Cyclops Marine regatta offer and installed a smarttune on their respective forestays. With Scream2 making the most of having Tom Pickles, Sales Director from Cyclops Marine onboard and further fitted a smartlink under the furler on our Jib Top.

Scream2 racing out through Hurst. Photo credit: JOG/Rick Tomlinson

On Saturday 29th August, the course was Cowes-Poole-Cowes, a drag race in the wind conditions.  “Saturday turned out to be gusty with wind speeds varying from 10 knots to 20+ knots,” commented Stuart Lawrence, owner of Scream2. “Changing gear in these conditions to maintain maximum hull speed was essential. Thesmarttune dataenabled us to quickly alter our forestay tension through vang, mainsheet and backstay adjustments for optimal power at between 800kg and 1500kg forestay load. Whilst the smartlink on the Jib Top enabled us to hit our luff tension before unfurling and transition quickly between Jib Top, Stay Sail and Jib combinations.” Scream2 went onto win Class 1.

Sunday 30th August saw a traditional around the cans exploration of the Solent, covering the central and western parts. It was a game of gear changes with conditions and the course giving competitors an 18Knots blast downwind, to gusty shifting beats whilst locating the shallow water in an ebbing tide. Tim Octon and his crew on NJOS did this to perfection and took the win in Class 1 by 1mins 30 seconds from Scream2, “With the addition of the Cyclops smarttune to NJOS, our 1992 Corby 35, we can now tune our forestay to a known proven setting for best performance on any point of sail,” commented Tim Octon.

Live load data to mobile app

You know what your fast gear feels like. As conditions change it’s easy to reach 99% of your speed and miss out on that extra 1%. Have the data available, and visual alarm bells will ring to keep you at the top of your game and ahead of your competition. These race victories are down to the skill of the sailors, their dedication, teamwork, and data. Data helps you win.

Cyclops Marine was proud to sponsor the JOG Home Ports Regatta 2020. smarttune and smartlink are available through a global distribution network. For more information visit, like us on Facebook @cyclopsmarine, or email us at



This article was originally posted on Boating Business on 16th April 2020

Cyclops Marine has chosen Technical Marine Supplies as its UK distributor.

Cyclops Marine offers two different options of wireless sensor technology, with different sized models in each range, designed specifically for the harsh marine environment.

“TMS are at the forefront of offering technical advice and support to their customers, and this applies even more so when skippers are investing in racing technology,” explained TMS sales manager Nick Cook.

“Being able to retrofit the Cyclops Marine smarttune and smartlink sensors dockside opens up a world of possibilities to those looking to make repeatable desired headsail shapes, regardless of vessel size.”


Cyclops Marine produces the smarttune Rigging Link and the Titanium smartlink for textile rigging applications. Both are IP rated, wireless and use free app-based software.

smarttune enables live measurement of forestay load and is simple for crews to retro-fit to yachts of any size. The fittings comprise wireless screw-in replacements for existing turn screws and the receiver plugs directly into the existing instrument package.

smartlinks are titanium sheet load sensors which wirelessly transmit the load on any soft line giving a quick, optimised and repeatable sail setting. With a battery life of 200 hours, the sensors come in three sizes – two, five and ten tonnes. Cyclops Marine also offers an NMEA2000 gateway, allowing full integration into existing electronic systems.