20 Tonne Precision Wireless Load Sensing Technology for Superyachts

20 Tonne Precision Wireless Load Sensing Technology for Superyachts

Until now our focus has been on smaller boats, developing technology in partnership with INEOS TEAM UK, the UK’s America’s Cup team, and subsequently supplying multiple Olympic sailing teams. 

Maximising speed is our forte, but it was only a matter of time before Cyclops devices found homes on superyachts – giving sailors the ability to measure the load on anything from the mainsheet, to code sail tack lines, to backstays and runners, potentially applicable to any soft line under significant load. Accurate second-by-second load measurements are sent wirelessly to the Cyclops app or on-board instruments, and can then be logged in conjunction with GPS data for reliable, repeatable settings.

Thus, Cyclops is pleased to announce the newest addition to their smartlink range – designed specifically for use on larger boats and superyachts – the 20T. Using the same technology helping elite sailors around the world measure loads on critical, high-performance lines, the minds at Cyclops have extended their obsession with making sensors sleek, robust and precise, but have let loose in making a larger, super-strong edition.

The result is the big brother of the smartlink range, still compact in design, its titanium frame measuring just 107 x 88mm, and weighing just 789g. Yet, as its name suggests, the new smartlink packs a considerable punch by remaining accurate under loads of up to 20T, and has aperture crafted and aligned specifically for the rigging of superyachts – unquestionably the strongest load sensor for its weight.

 Some of the world’s greatest sailors have shown how Cyclops data helps you win, now you can take the guesswork out of safety and performance on your superyacht with this precision technology.

smartlink – is this the missing link?

smartlink – is this the missing link?

Cyclops Marine launch smartlink. A new wireless load sensor designed to help sailors find their groove, record their settings, and most importantly repeat those settings. Sailors win regattas when they get their settings right.

smartlink by Cyclops Marine

Want to hit the fast loads on any of your rope controls? From sheets to tack lines, vangs to backstays, you could even monitor to your hiking with a toestrap sensor. Repeat the fast settings with smartlink, a sleek, lightweight load sensor that delivers on-board, real time dynamic load measuring.

smartlink will wirelessly feed the live load to a mobile application or the boats instruments via NMEA2000 Gateway and cable.

“At any point in time, sailors can see what loads they are working with,” comments Ian Howarth, CEO at Cyclops Marine. “Teams are feeding back they are trimming their boats better, more consistently and sailing faster. Real time loading with visible numbers makes this easy.”

smartlink on a trimaran mainsheet

Fitting a smartlink is simple. It is manufactured in low density, high strength Titanium, this makes it very light weight, and simple to add inline to any soft stay or sheet. It is strong and aesthetically pleasing. Race teams need the data with no compromise on weight. smartlink is the smallest, lightest and strongest sheet load sensor in the world.

Once fitted, the smartlink will help sailors find their winning settings, get in the groove, and be able to repeat those proven settings for the wind conditions and the sea state. Who better to help with the smartlink development than a team that understands ‘there is no second’, with the product developed in partnership with INEOS TEAM UK.

“At INEOS TEAM UK, we consider Cyclops Marine our ‘go-to’ experts when it comes to wireless load sensors. Forging a close relationship with our suppliers is one of our core values, especially when that company manufactures in the UK.” (Andrew McLean, Team Leader Systems Engineering, INEOS Team UK)

smartlink range: 2 tonne, 5 tonne, 10 tonne

Key features of smartlink:

  • Simple to fit
  • Wireless
  • Factory calibrated
  • Leading edge technology
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be used in several different locations
  • Realtime data to smart device and marine electronics

Technical details of smartlink:

  • Available: 2 tonne, 5 tonne, 10 tonne loads
  • Weight: 160g, 210g, 360g
  • Size: 79 x 55 x 19 mm, 83 x 66 x 22 mm, 93 x74 x25 mm
  • Material: Titanium
  • Battery life: 200 hours with smartpower feature (target 25-30 days racing)
  • Simple to change, standard C2032 battery.

smartlink is the second product in the smart range from Cyclops Marine, following the launch of smarttune, where the company brings America’s Cup technology to the ordinary sailor. Contact your local Cyclops Marine distributor to purchase your smartlink and find your winning gear www.cyclopsmarine.com.



This article was originally posted on Boating Business on 16th April 2020

Cyclops Marine has chosen Technical Marine Supplies as its UK distributor.

Cyclops Marine offers two different options of wireless sensor technology, with different sized models in each range, designed specifically for the harsh marine environment.

“TMS are at the forefront of offering technical advice and support to their customers, and this applies even more so when skippers are investing in racing technology,” explained TMS sales manager Nick Cook.

“Being able to retrofit the Cyclops Marine smarttune and smartlink sensors dockside opens up a world of possibilities to those looking to make repeatable desired headsail shapes, regardless of vessel size.”


Cyclops Marine produces the smarttune Rigging Link and the Titanium smartlink for textile rigging applications. Both are IP rated, wireless and use free app-based software.

smarttune enables live measurement of forestay load and is simple for crews to retro-fit to yachts of any size. The fittings comprise wireless screw-in replacements for existing turn screws and the receiver plugs directly into the existing instrument package.

smartlinks are titanium sheet load sensors which wirelessly transmit the load on any soft line giving a quick, optimised and repeatable sail setting. With a battery life of 200 hours, the sensors come in three sizes – two, five and ten tonnes. Cyclops Marine also offers an NMEA2000 gateway, allowing full integration into existing electronic systems.