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What is the wireless connection and range between the sensor and the Gateway/app?

The sensor broadcasts the load data with a theoretical range of no more than 100m unobstructed, but this is unlikely due to the plastic and metal components of the sensors. If there is any boat/mast/sails/people between the sensor and gateway or smartphone (if using the app), this will be reduced. In reality a range of 10m line of sight is possible.

You can program the gateway to listen for your specific sensor by connecting to the WiFi network printed on the top of the gateway. Please contact us for instructions.

We recommend that the gateway is installed below decks as close to the sensor as possible. For example, for a smarttune sensor installed on the forestay, the ideal location is on the forward face of forward bulkhead.

We recommend the addition of a Dome Antenna if you are planning to install your Gateway more than 8m from load sensor(s), or if your boat’s hull construction is primarily carbon fibre (as carbon fibre is a very effective blocker of wireless signals).

Will I ever need to pair the sensor and gateway/app? Can I add sensors to my existing Gateway?

Yes, you will need to program the gateway or smartphone app to listen for the sensor (if this hasn’t been done already). The sensor is designed to broadcast like an FM radio, and the gateway/app will listen to the sensor(s) that have been added using the 12 character data key supplied with the sensor. Once programmed there is no active pairing required, like a cell phone and wireless headphones.


Will the sensor and Gateway work with my marine electronics?

We are working hard all the time to make our products compatible with as many systems as possible. 

We have proven compatibility with:

B&G Sailmon Garmin nke Yacht Devices
Chartplotters & Displays:Vulcan, Zeus³, Triton², Nemesis Displays: Element 7, 10, Ink Chartplotters & Displays: GPSMAP chart plotters, GMI20, GNX120, GNX130 Displays: Multigraphic Data logger: Voyage Recorder YDVR-04
Processors:H5000 and associated displays Processors: E4      

If your marine electronics are not listed, please contact us and we may be able to provide a solution. We are unable to guarantee compatibility with all instruments, especially because systems of this age may be made up of components from multiple suppliers.

Is the gateway waterproof?

The gateway housing and cable are IP54 rated, meaning they have limited protection against dust ingress, are protected against splash water from any direction, but not immersion – please do not submerge it! It is recommended that the gateway is installed below decks.

Where do I connect the Gateway?

The gateway and supplied NMEA2000 cable + T-Joiner will need to be added to the instrument backbone, which looks like this:

This can often be found behind the nav station, or around the mast base. If necessary, to position the gateway as close to the sensors as possible, it may be necessary to add a NMEA2000 extension cable (not supplied).


If you have any other questions, please contact us.