Smart Fittings

Smart Fittings

Smart fittings use our digital direct technology to integrate load sensors with fittings installed in the standing and running rigging on a yacht, bringing proven technologies from the offshore, nuclear and aerospace industries to deliver improved accuracy and reliability to the superyacht industry



Cyclops digital direct technology

We integrate our digital direct technology with load sensing components manufactured to proven designs by leading European suppliers to the aerospace and nuclear industries, delivering improved accuracy and reliability:

• Sealed-in calibration at the factory to deliver trusted data ‘out of the box’ without re-calibration on the yacht

• Robust digital output: protecting vulnerable low voltage analogue signals, simplifying cable runs and avoiding external electronics boxes

• Direct ‘plug & play’ interface to NMEA2000 instrument systems

• No trailing cables at installation: hermetically sealed connectors provide easy-to-remove cables, wireless fittings have no cable at all