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What is the wireless connection range between the sensor and the smartfittings app?

The sensor broadcasts the load data with a theoretical range of no more than 100m unobstructed, but this is unlikely due to the plastic and metal components of the sensors. If there are any boat/mast/sails/people between the sensor and smartphone, this broadcast distance will be reduced. In reality, a maximum range of 10m line of sight between the sensor and the smartphone is more realistic.

If this is difficult to maintain, we recommend a gateway and boat display set up, with additional antenna as required.

Will I ever need to pair the sensor and app again? Can I add more sensors to my app?

Yes, you will need to program the smartphone app to listen for the sensor fir the first time. The sensor is designed to broadcast like an FM radio, and the app will listen to the sensor(s) that have been added using the 12 character data key supplied with the sensor. Once programmed there is no active pairing required, like a cell phone and wireless headphones. You can add up to 50 sensors to the smartfittings app.


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