Modern Analytics for Racing Sailors:

Sixty days free with Njord Analytics & Cyclops Marine

Cyclops Marine has collaborated with Njord Analytics to offer Cyclops customers an additional thirty-day free trial of Njord Analytics and Njord Player (on top of the existing thirty-day free trial already offered). 

With a customer portfolio that includes some of the world’s most successful sailors and coaches, Njord Analytics offers competitive sailors some of the best analytics software available. Like Cyclops their customers are professionals from America’s Cup teams and Olympic coaches, down to regular weekend racers. Their customers benefit from user-friendly in-depth analysis, performance insights, and sophisticated displays, allowing them to connect their feelings on the water with hard data to relive races and training sessions, learning and improving upon their fastest settings. 

Njord Analytics makes it easy to link a vast array of data sources to its software. One of these sources is logged load data from Cyclops Marine’s smart range of wireless load sensors —smartlink and smarttune. Using the smart range in conjunction with Njord Analytics, sailors can build an accurate database of effective rig-load numbers for differing conditions; integrating load data with wind speed, wind shifts and gusts, manoeuvre analysis, GPS, and a range of other variables and data sources. Empowered by simple visualisations, sharable digital reports and real-time augmented video (pictured left, using Njord Player), sailors and coaches can make post-sailing analysis deeper and more insightful, yet quicker and easier than ever. 

“The two companies have a shared vision of making professional-level data accessible and useful to all,” comments Ian ‘Chips’ Howarth, CEO of Cyclops Marine. “I am delighted we have come together to offer Cyclops Marine customers thirty additional days free trial of Njord Analytics and Njord Player. We hope this offer will give sailors a peak at what’s possible when these two advanced technologies are combined.”

To take advantage of the offer enquire today at: info@cyclopsmarine.com

Existing Cyclops customers, simply request the offer, quoting your sensor’s serial number to: support@sailnjord.com

For Njord Analytics enquiries visit their website.

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