Introducing smartlink EE: Pin to Pin Load Sensing for Dayboats

The next generation of wireless load sensor for the Metre Classes, Dragons, Sunbeams and more…

Since launching their game-changing “smart” range of wireless load sensors last year, Cyclops has empowered sailors to quantify their fastest settings, log them and repeat them every time. 

Sensors compatible with most onboard displays

Cyclops’ development hasn’t stopped, and this latest innovation brings the same functionality to a new kind of installation​​—the pin to pin, or eye to eye (EE) fixings of the super competitive Dayboat classes.

The new product has all the benefits of the existing range, providing precise live (and logged) rig load data via Bluetooth to sailors’ smartphones and onboard displays. 

During development, Cyclops collaborated with leading spar and rigging service provider Allspars to harness their expertise in the Metre Classes. Precision-designed around the pin sizes of dayboat forestays & shrouds, with a maximum working load of 2 tonnes, bespoke liner bushes allow the sensor to accommodate 8 to 12mm diameter pins, making it compatible with the majority dayboats currently on the market. 

Live loads displayed on iPhone or android

smartlink EE clips straight into the rig, providing a solid connection in locations where there isn’t a turnbuckle, with no need to add a lashing with strops. This makes it by far the most accurate, practical, sleek and streamlined load sensing solution for the dayboat classes. Every Cyclops sensor is pre-calibrated and accurate to within 1% of its maximum working load. 

The EE makes for a discrete, aesthetically pleasing addition to the rig of classic boats in particular, while providing all of the safety and performance benefits Cyclops technology has been bringing to sailors around the world. Cyclops users also gain access to a 10% discount on boat insurance through Soak Insure, and get a 60 day free trial with Njord Analytics.

smartlink EE installed on 6M forestay

From America’s Cup Teams, to Fastnet winners, to weekend sailors around the world, the revelation of load data is having an emphatic impact for users of Cyclops’ current range. While some Class rules don’t allow you to race with live load sensors, in these classes they are a fantastic training & tuning tool to help maximise improvements.

Live load data also has the added safety benefit of helping you identify when loads are dangerously high, allowing you to avoid rig failure at all costs. 

smartlink EE is available now, so if you’re a dayboat sailor looking to take safety and performance to new levels, get in touch with Cyclops today, email: info@cyclopsmarine.com for more information, or shop online now.

Etchells, with live load data displayed

discover The existing Range…

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