Smart Fittings Manager

The Smart Fittings Manager is a simple mobile application for logging the reported loads from Cyclops Marine Load sensors such as Smartune and Smartlink.

By using this App you can store multiple sensors, view live loads for sensors within range of the smart device and record the load values from a sensor for a period of time. The minimum, maximum and average loads are then copied to clipboard to paste into other applications.

The intuitive and easy-to-use interface of the App makes it easy for anyone to use and understand. You can add a custom name to every sensor as well as the serial number for easy identification.

This app does not currently record data in the background. If app is minimised or closed, any recording sessions currently running will be lost.

Multiple sensors can be recorded at once, however only one sensor summary can be copied to clipboard. Subsequent sensor summaries can be saved by taking a screenshot.

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Point your smartphone camera at this QR Code to view the app.