Happy Yachting to Stock smart Range

Happy Yachting to Stock smart Range

Cyclops Marine are pleased to announce that Swedish retailer Happy Yachting have come onboard as a stockist of the smarttune and smartlink ranges. Check out the range here!

The Team at Happy Yachting love sailing in all its forms. That’s why they are passionate about finding better ways to make innovative gadgets available to all sailors. Their clients are dedicated sailors who want a simpler and more enjoyable sailing experience, whether it is cruising with the family, evening sailing or the important regatta with professionals on board.

smarttune Delivering Results

smarttune Delivering Results

This is your season, your boat has the latest technology, new sails, and you have selected your crew. It’s time to set the boat up and train to win.

On the water you follow the sailmakers polars, you know exactly what speeds and angles you need to hit for the conditions. You are almost there but not quite.

This is where smarttune from Cyclopscomes in. Get your forestay tension right, match the sag to make your sails set the way your sail designer intended, and the rest will follow. Sailing faster, pointing higher, this is the secret behind smarttune and Peter Gustafsson from BLUR.se was one of the first to trial it. “For some time, I’ve been looking for a way to measure forestay tension. smarttune is a much easier way to do it and I wanted to be first to install it,” comments Gustafsson.

J/111 BLUR installed smarttune in August 2019 “Initial impressions were great,” comments Gustafsson.  “Installation was super simple and with real-time forestay tension on the mast display, communications were much easier. Now we always know our set-up relevant to the conditions.”

BLUR is set-up so the load sensor reading is visible on the mast B&G H5000 instruments. Gustafsson talks about the added value this feature brings, referring to both the data it collates for analysis as well as giving a clear on the water live reading.

The difference smarttune makes according to Gustafsson:  

Hit the fast settings every time: With smarttune we now have repeatable settings based on the wind conditions and sail plan.

Adjusting to the conditions: As the conditions change, boat settings change. For example, conditions in the Rolex Middle Sea Race and the Coastal Race Malta proved shifty and challenging. The smarttune base settings enabled us to change gear quicker and gather more data to analyse. We always have a cheat sheet in the cockpit.

Up to speed quicker: Sailing as part of a crew, can equate to many opinions. We try to be inclusive and involve everyone in important decisions. But then the basic stuff needs to be automatic. With smarttune we hit our fast settings quickly and accurately always ahead of our main competition.

Safety: When racing we push the boat and crew to the limits. smarttune means we can quickly see the load going through our forestay safe in the knowledge that we are never overloading it.

Communication: Communication is key. smarttune sends live data to our mast instrument display for the trimmers, tactician, and helm to read. Communication across our whole campaign has improved through the data we now receive.

Blur Sailing Team won ORC5 in the Rolex Middle Sea Race 2019 and their class in the Coastal Race.  Their success was partly down to being more proactive with their backstay tension. Gustafsson comments that “With smarttune we have a common number on the mast to work with. With both trimmers and the helmsman in the loop we are more proactive when the conditions change. This leads to meters, that leads to boat lengths that leads to places on the score board.”  

Gotthardt to Supply Cyclops smart Range in Germany

Gotthardt to Supply Cyclops smart Range in Germany

Cyclops Marine has chosen Hermann Gotthardt GmbH as its German distributor.

Gotthardt are well known in the industry as the sailing specialist wholesaler and represent well-known manufacturers of marine products in Germany.

The team are made up of specialists with the appropriate training to be able to provide qualified technical advice on smarttune and smartlink.

Check out the range here and for stocking opportunities within Germany, please contact Gotthardt here.

Cyclops Marine launch with smarttune, the first in their Smart Range of load sensors for sailors

Cyclops Marine launch with smarttune, the first in their Smart Range of load sensors for sailors

Cyclops Marine Limited develops load sensors that bring America’s Cup technology to ordinary sailors. Get the edge with repeatable settings which help find and maintain superior speeds.

Remember your best race? Everything clicked. You were in a different gear than everyone else. You pointed higher off the start line. You were going faster than the competition. The following day you go to repeat it all, and you just can’t find the same gear.

Professional sailors repeatedly appear to find ‘that gear’, yet the weekend sailor has limited control over what kind of day they will have on the water.

There are few variables that are directly controllable by the crew, but Four-time Volvo Ocean Race Winner Stu Bannatyne says that “matching forestay tension to the wind and sails is the key to upwind performance.”

smarttune by Cyclops Marine Limited

So, if a sailor could set their rig up precisely according to the wind and their sails time after time, they would have a massive leg-up on the competition.

The minds here at Cyclops have made this a possibility, harnessing the latest technology to create smarttune, a simple-to-install load sensor that accurately measures stay tension in real time, transmitting rig-loads wirelessly to smartphone or boat instruments.

smarttune sending rig loads to boat instruments

With smarttune you can measure and repeat your fastest settings, control your forestay sag and headsail shape, also your mast bend to manage your mainsail shape as you race for optimal performance in all conditions, on all points of sail.

smarttune installed on a Sunfast 3300

The load sensor can be swapped in for your existing turn screw in minutes and showing the live rig load on your smartphone seconds later. 

 “Installing smarttune is as simple as taking turns off a turn screw to adjust the mast rake. This is definitely a system anyone can install on their own boat,’ (Hannah Diamond, Volvo Ocean Race and shorthanded sailor).

smarttune is available through a global distribution network. To find your local distributor visit Where To Buy or email info@cyclopsmarine.com.

We would love you to be part of our journey and distribute smarttune by Cyclops Marine in your country. For more details please email info@cyclopsmarine.com.


About Cyclops Marine

Cyclops Marine Ltd, is a technology business led by innovators that have developed load sensors for use in the sailing environment. The Cyclops Marine Smart range of products are a new generation of wireless load sensors created by some of the leading brains from Cambridge University, in tandem with sailors, to produce accurate, repeatable and meaningful data. Set to become the industry standard, the Smart range, enables sailors to set their boat up for optimum performance time after time. Easy to install, the range provides real-time data that is simple to understand. Cyclops is led Ian ‘Chips’ Howarth surrounded by an experienced team of both renowned sailors & technical experts. The Smart range is sold through a global distribution network.

For product and distribution enquires:                          For media enquiries:

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Sydney Rigging Specialists to Stock smart Ranges

Sydney Rigging Specialists to Stock smart Ranges

Cyclops Marine is excited to welcome Sydney Rigging Specialists as the first Australian stockist of smarttune and smartlink.

Sydney Rigging Specialists, based in Australia, is a leading company in the supply of yacht rigging services, cordage, marine fittings and accessories. They have been in operation for over 25 years supported by a team of very experienced yacht riggers. Led by Bruce Clark and Craig Garnett, SRS are world renowned for their work on some of the premier raceboats, from skiffs to supermaxis, in Australia and around the world.

Sail22 onboard as first North American Stockist of Smart Ranges

Sail22 Onboard as first North American Stockist of smart Ranges

Cyclops Marine is very excited to announce that Sail22 is our first North American stockist of smarttune and smartlink. Based in Culver, Indiana and active across the USA, Sail 22 specialises in getting the most out of your raceboat. Please get in touch with Ed and Becky Furry to discuss how our Smart Range can help you achieve your optimum performance out on the water.